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This monster

The door slammed behind her as she stormed into the room. She fumed, pacing, but hearing her growing claws clacking on the floor, made her force her self to calm down. She didn't want to become that thing again. She wouldn't. Holding her paws tightly into fists, she breathed deeply, and counted to ten.
Just calm down, Mirera, just relax. Don't think of anything. The feline thought to herself, tail slowly waving behind her. But, all too soon she relived what had just happened, and growled in distaste, baring her growing fangs, feeling the warm waters of rage closing in on her clouded mind. "Why can't he just accept me, dammit!" She roared in a raspy voice.

Hot pain in her palms made her gasp and release her fists. "ugh." Mirera exclaimed, crying now. She looked at her paws through teary eyes, and saw she had dug into the flesh, and there were small puncture wounds, oozing blood. But that was all she dared to look at. She knew that if she looked anywhere else, she would notice other things.

Sitting down, and leaning against the bed, she cried quietly into her, now oversized, paws. "Why can't I just be who I want to be...and not worry about what he thinks...?" She slammed a fist on to the hardwood floor. "Why can't I?!" The feline roared again, her voice even raspier, and deeper. Mirera then winced in pain as her transformation progressed even more. "No, please calm down." She said quietly to herself, but it was too late. Horns sprouted from her head, painfully, her body made horrible snapping sounds as bones and joints reshaped themselves. Forcing her face into a pillow to muffle the sounds of agony, she felt her snout elongate, and scales form out of skin, under her fur. It's okay. It is better this way, don't you see? A voice whispered in her head. Just give yourself to it. And she did. She gave in, letting the anger consume her.

After a few short minutes, the transformation was complete. With a toothy grin she admired her powerful jaw, and snapped it a few times. "Why do I ever go back to being a whimpy cat?" With her long furry scaled tail, she lifted herself up, and walked over to her stereo. "Let's wake everyone up." Mirera smirked, and cranked up her metal music. And just so no one could interrupt this symphony of chaos, she locked the door and shoved her bed against it. "Let's see if that ass hole can get in here now. Fucking prick." She growled. It was dark out, and a breeze blew into the room and ruffled her mane. Mirera walked over to the window, and admired the darkness. She loved the dark, especially when she felt like this. No one could see her, she didn't have to worry about how she looked. No one judging. She wished it could be like this all the time... only... no she didn't. Mirera knew when she was calmed down, she'd prance in the sun, or sleep in it; relishing, the warmth, and brightness that held the world so vividly. She grimaced thinking about her stupid, carefree self. Forme. "If I was like this all the time, I wouldn't have to worry about anybody, or anything. I wouldn't have to smile, or be nice. I wouldn't care for anyone but myself. I would be set." She growled a throaty growl, and flicked her long tail against the floor.

Mirera was about to jump out of the window, into the night, when she noticed a light in the corner of her eye. She turned to look and it was the reflection of the moon in a mirror. Not only the moon, but this horrid shadow staring at her. The music in the background faded out and all she could hear was her breathing. She was scared. The thing, just stared with glowing eyes. Mirera backed up, and noticed the thing did too. She moved closer, into the moonlight, and saw herself. This ugly creature with horns, and putrid yellow fur, with bright red markings. The eyes stared intensely, with slitted pupils, like a reptile. "What..." She gasped at the sight. Though, she knew it was her all along, she didn't want to believe it. She never wants to believe what she is. "...what have I become..." She cried silently, and without another word, she jumped out of the window, into the cold night.
Just something to show her transformation, and how it happens. Just know that she could be this thing, whenever she wants to, and if she chooses it, it isn't so painful, however, if she is forced to change, because of unstable or powerful emotions, it is painful if she tries to resist.

Next chapter: [link]
Gage-Puhp Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thats a sad story but I like it, I wish I could write like you love.
Mirera Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you. I know you can. You are a great writer. I can help you. ^^
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